About the Company

Since 2012 the transport company FORWARDER works successfully in the shipping logistics. International foreign economic activities tended to the ultimate optimization of ways from the manufacturer to the consumer. That is why in the beginning of 2014 an idea of creation of essentially new project FORWARDER – a universal operator in transport logistics. In the process of our activities we were convinced of necessity to form own branch network. The result of our activities was considerable experience in many international directions. The company FORWARDER formed staff of real professionals who are ready to offer services of the high level to their customers. The company FORWARDER develops successfully and makes plans for the future. We are aimed to constant development and perfection in the sphere of transport logistics aspiring to reach a new level of customer service and become a leading company in foreign economic activities on the territory of Georgia.

Quality management

Quality level of services is the significant factor in competitiveness of an organization. Nowadays when choosing an agent the consumer of brokerage and logistic services focuses not only of price level, suggested by various companies, but also the quality of services. Under the conditions of fierce price rivalry on the market, the highest level of quality in working with the costumers is often a decisive argument in favour of a concrete company. The company FORWARDER elaborated effective control of provided services quality in accordance with other functions of management. We use a unique system. The results of information analysis is the evaluation of such parameters of professional activities of the staff like competence, correctness and goodwill, ability to work with “difficult” customers, avoiding conflicts and their successful solving. Besides, characteristics of service providing are included into the system of parameter evaluation such as time of inquiry processing, price competitiveness and so on. According to the results of the data analysis a system of taking measures, encouraging as well as the condemnatory censured, the work of the branches and offices of the company and professional training of the staff are evaluated, as well as a system for continuous improvement of the staff regarding the issues of working with the customers is elaborated.

Main components for high quality of our work:

  • Feedback with the customers as an obligatory condition of our work
  • Continuous internal quality control
  • Usage of proven work schedule and services of reliable partners
  • Highly qualified staff
This system allows to optimize business processes of the company, to raise the quality of provided services and to efficiently react on the current events.

IT decisions

The unified system of access to information resources of the company unites all service-centers, as well as it enables the customers to track geographical coordinates of cargos and to keep records of fulfilled work. This system allows to optimize business processes of the company, to raise the quality of provided services and to efficiently react on current events.